God’s Faithfulness Despite Our Imperfections
Genesis 11-35

I) Abram’s Call

II) Abram’s Journey to Canaan

III) Abram’s Journey to Egypt

IV) Abram’s Choice

V) Abram’s Faith

A) He Worships

B) He Rescues

C) His Gratitude

VI) Abram’s Concern

VII) Abram is Reassured

VIII) Abram Interferes

IX) Abram is Reprimanded

A) God gives him a new name

B) God clarifies His promise

1) The promise of land

2) The promise of descendants

X) Abraham’s Faith

A) On Display

B) Still Imperfect

C) Tested and Matured

XI) God’s Choice

XII) Esau Sells His Birthright

XIII) Jacob Steals His Blessing

XIV) Jacob Runs Away

XVI) Jacob’s Deception

XVII) Jacob’s Fear

XVIII) God’s Promise

XIX) Jacob’s Ongoing Issues

XX) Jacob’s Worship

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