We live in an age of skepticism.  The society around us not only doesn’t understand Christianity, but is often antagonistic toward it.  Many believe that the Bible is filled with errors.  Some are offended because of the exclusive nature of Christianity.  Others are angry and confused by what they see as the moral requirements of Christianity.  Most wonder why the church and Christians seem to be such hypocrites.  A significant number are convinced that all paths lead to God, and wonder how anyone could believe in a God that wouldn’t let everyone into heaven.

For six weeks this fall we’ll try to engage our community with a series called “The Reason for God.”  We hope to have some promotional materials available soon!  In addition to the sermon series we’ll also have some additional weekly sessions that you can attend.  During these studies we’ll have an opportunity to watch a DVD with Timothy Keller engaging non-believers on a given topic, and then we’ll discuss it as a group.  These discussions are geared toward helping believers to better engage the culture around them.  The weekly sermons and sessions will be:

October 15      “Why should I believe the Bible?”

October 22      “Can’t all religions be right?”

October 29      “Why are there so many rules?”

November 5    “If God is good, why is there evil?”

November 12  “Why Are Christians hypocrites?”

November 19  “Shouldn’t everyone go to heaven?”

I hope that you are excited about the series!  Also, if anyone out there would like to host one of the small groups, please let me know.

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