God’s Warning to Preachers and Teachers
Malachi 2:1-9

I) The __________ of the Priesthood

II) The ____________ of the Priesthood

            A) Offer ____________

            B) Be an example of ________

            C) ________ God’s Word

III) The __________ of the Priesthood

            A) Failing to offer proper ___________

            B)  Not _________ the truth

            C) As a result, they were:
                        1) Causing people to ___________

                        2) _________ the covenant

IV) The ____________ of the Priesthood

V) The ________ to teachers

            A) There are __________ that come from teaching

            B) But God also gives a solemn ________ to teachers

            C) And God has no tolerance at all for _______

            D) And this should serve as a warning to 
               __________ as well
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