Contempt for Casual Faith
Malachi 1:6-14

I) The _______________

    A) Priests and people were bringing ___________ sacrifices

    B) The ___________ of sacrifices

         1) Take care of the _________

         2) Cover ________

         3) Show  ___________

         4) Show ___________

    C) The __________ for sacrifices

    D) They were also __________ at the sacrifices

    E) As a result of ____________ sacrifices, God said they were:

         1) Despising His _________

         2) Despising His _________

         3) Polluting the ________

II) The End __________

    A) They were ___________ God

    B) Other supposed acts of devotion don't take the place of _____________

III) Our ___________

    A) God demands ___________

    B) Respect implies ______________
    C) Behavior is a direct measure of ___________

IV) Our ________

    A) One day worship will be ____________, pure, and universal

    B) It begins with _________

    C) But we still await ________________

    D) Until that day comes, we:

         1) Offer the sacrifice of _________

         2) Offer ourselves as living _______________
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