Confidence in Ministry
Revelation 2:8-11

I) We're reminded of the need to _________

    A) _______ and last

    B) Who died and came to ________

    C) I _________ your works!

II) We are reminded that God is _______ when we follow Him!

    A) Church is being "______________"

    B) Church is experiencing __________ hardship

    C) Church is being __________

III) We are reminded that we need to be __________

    A) A time of severe ________ will come

    B) But it won't last ________

    C) Do not _________!

IV) We are reminded of the need for ___________

    A) Only _______ will understand

    B) Those with ________ will persevere

        1) Will receive the crown of ________

        2) Will escape the _________ death

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