The Need for Godly Leadership
 Revelation 2:18-29

I) We are reminded of the need to _________

II) We are reminded that God is __________ when we follow Him

            A) Love led to ____________
            B) Faith is expressed by ______________
            C) Last works _____________ than the first
III) We are reminded that we need to have ____________ leadership

A) Godly leadership is concerned about Biblical ______________

B) Godly leadership confronts ______________ (with wisdom!)
 IV) We are reminded that there are consequences for _______________

            A) Judgment against _______________

            B) Judgment against her ____________

            C) Judgment against the ____________?

V) We are reminded of the need to ______________

            A) Not everyone will _______________

            B) But the call is to ______________

            C) And receive _________ as your reward!

            D) And to stand with Him in the _____________!

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