A Special Challenge to the American Church
Revelation 3:14-22

I) We need to pay _________

            A)    What He says is _______

            B)    He is the only way to ______ God

            C)    He is our __________

II) The Challenge: I am all you ________!

            A)    They are good for _______

            B)    It makes Jesus _______

            C)    Cared about ______ more than God

            D)    Wealth can lead to:

                        1)      ____________

                        2)      __________ actions

                        3)      ____________

                        4)      Less ____________ upon God

            E)     We should use money to:

                        1)      _____ for God

                        2)      Do things that _______

                        3)      Focus on the _________

            F)     The bottom line

III) The ________

            A)    I will ________ you

            B)    You ______ want that!

            C)    Listen to me and _________

IV) ___________: Hang in there!

            A)    Let your ______ carry you through

            B)    _______ is just around the corner

                        1)      We will be with _______

                        2)      We will ______ with Jesus

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