Reflections of the True Light

I) First Baptist desires to be a _______

    A) _________ is the true light

    B) The light has _________ in us

    C) And now ________ are the light

    D) We _________ the true light!

II) That ________

    A) We have to understand that when we ________ the true light, some will be offended

    B) But we do our best not to be ____________

    C) ___________ people of all ages

III) That _________

    ____________ our community

IV) That __________

    ____________ lives through the Word of God

        -- God's Word is the ________ that shows us how to live

        -- We have a ______________ to share it in word and in deed!

V) That ___________

    ____________ the good news of Jesus

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