Love and Restoration

Luke 22:60-62, Luke 22:32, John 21:15-17


I) Jesus tests Peter’s __________




II) Peter’s reply shows his __________



……..A) We see that Peter’s understanding has ___________



……..B) But we also see that the depth of his feeling has remained _________!



III) Jesus shows His _______ for Peter




IV) Jesus shows Peter what _______ really means




V) Peter’s _______________ shows his love



The Way of Wisdom

Proverbs 1:1-7


I) Proverbs place in the _________


……..A) As __________


……..B) As __________ literature


II) Proverbs as a _______


……..A) _______ main authors


……..B) __________


……..C) Proverbs provides the common sense and divine ____________ necessary to handle life’s issues


III) Proverbs as “_____________”


……..A) A proverb is a short, memorable illustration or statement that teaches a _________


……..B) Can be: poetry, parable, questions, short stories, wise sayings


……..C) States what is usually _______ in life


IV) The __________ of Proverbs


……..A) To provide ___________


……..B) To teach ________


……..C) To help anyone become ________


V) The ___________ of wisdom


“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, fools despise wisdom and instruction.”


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