So, how are those New Year’s resolutions going?  Overall, I’m doing ok.  I haven’t made my weekly blog post, but I’m close!  My yearly Bible reading is right on track, but my Bible in 90 days ready took a beating when I was sick with a sinus infection earlier this month.  It looks like it will be the Bible in 120 days or so!  The best news is that my diet is going well.  I’ve already lost some weight, and I hope that my blood pressure takes a corresponding nosedive.

One of the things that this particular diet stresses is staying away from additives and preservatives, and eating as much organic food as possible.  This has yielded a few surprises.  Did you know that organic broccoli actually tastes good?  And organic oranges and apples are wonderful!  Don’t even get me started on the eggs!

This whole process reminds me of a passage of Scripture.  1 Peter 2:2 says, “as newborn babes, desire the pure milk of the word, that you may grow thereby.”  Listening to sermons is great, and so is reading books.  But you get so much more out of your Christian walk if you know the flow and content of the Bible!  That’s why it’s so great to do a Bible reading program where you read through the Bible in a year or two, and then keep doing variations of that for your entire life.  The benefits are almost endless!  You’ll be able to follow those sermons and books better.  God will touch your heart again and again by what you read.  You’ll be able to connect Scripture with Scripture.  And, you’ll be able to recognize when someone is twisting God’s Word around for his/her advantage.

Even though it’s not the New Year, you can start any Bible reading program at any time.  You can start at the beginning and use a bookmark to keep your place, or you can simply start on whatever day it is and keep going for a year.  One of my favorite Bible reading programs is the Daily Walk Bible.  It takes you straight through the Bible, which some people don’t care for because they would rather read from the Old and New Testaments, as well as the Psalms and Proverbs each day.  But that particular Bible gives you a few paragraphs of further explanation as well as some application, so that you get even more out of the reading.

So, what are you waiting for?  Go organic!

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