Well, my wife and daughter tag teamed me, and I ended up preaching for Roxanna’s wedding.  I would have much rather walked her down the aisle and sat down next to Valerie, but that was not to be.  So, there I was, an emotional wreck, and wondering what to say.

Roxanna had always complained that her mom and I were preaching at her, so I probably needed to be careful about that.  I was also told that we were scheduled to cry at 2:06, six minutes after the ceremony started.  What do you do with that!?!?  Now if I don’t cry, what does that mean?!?!?

Well, I did cry, but it was when I went to tell Roxanna that we were ready.  I teared up a little during the ceremony, but made it through.  I decided to keep it short and sweet; after all, it was garden wedding and the families were the only ones there.  Besides, I wasn’t sure how much I could get through!  This is what I said:

Val and I have always talked about this day with great anticipation.  We’ve always believed in marriage based parenting rather than child based parenting, so we’ve looked forward to the empty nest time of our lives.  But as this wedding has gotten closer, I’ve had more trouble with it than I anticipated.  You see, I’ve always been the one Roxanna would call on when she needed help.

“Dad, I need a ride. Dad, I missed my bus.  Dad, I need help with my taxes.  Dad, help me fill out this form.  Dad, I dropped by phone/laptop/iPod again and it’s not working.  Dad, I was just in an accident.  What do I do?”

A lot of her requests have been about computers: “Dad, my computer won’t turn on.  Dad, my computer has a virus.  Dad, my computer cord is broken.  Dad, my computer won’t connect to the internet.”

But my favorite happened while we were living in NYC.  Roxanna was about an hour away on the other side of the city, and she called and said, “Dad, I’m lying in the middle of a field, and I can’t get up!”

Now, as annoyed as I was when some of these things happened, it did let me know  that Roxanna needed me and that I was the one she would naturally call on for help.  That’s not going to be the case anymore, and it kind of makes me sad.  But that’s the way it’s supposed to be.  Scripture teaches that, “For this reason (marriage), a man (and a woman), will leave his father and mother and be joined (be glued to) his wife.  And the two will become one flesh.”  The only person you should be closer to in this life is God Himself.

Are you ready to make this commitment to each other, and do you pledge to be glued to one another for the rest of your lives?

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