Over the next few weeks our church will be running radio spots on a few of the local radio stations.  Here is the text of those spots…


Hello, my name is Mark Billington, and I’m the pastor of First Baptist Church in Sister Bay, WI.

Easter was an important part of our household when I was growing up, and my mom used to try to make it special for us.  We hard boiled eggs and colored them, and we ate lots of candy; but my favorite thing that we did was to make a bunny cake.

Now, when you make a bunny cake, you don’t just make a flat cake with a picture of a bunny on it!  You stand the cake up, and make it look like a rabbit!  We used jelly beans for the eyes and nose, and pipe cleaners for the whiskers.  We’d also dye coconut green to surround our bunny with grass, and then we’d put jelly beans in the grass.  It was a lot of fun.

My wife and I have carried on that tradition with our kids, except some years we make a lamb cake instead of a bunny cake, because it reminds us of Jesus Christ.  You see, when John the Baptist called Jesus “The Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world,” he was drawing on some rich symbolism.  When the Jewish people were enslaved in Egypt, God performed a mighty miracle to set them free.  This miracle involved the blood of a lamb, and to commemorate this event the Jewish people would have a festival every year and they would eat lamb.  When did they celebrate you ask?  At the same time we celebrate Easter!

So when my family and I eat our “Easter Lamb” we’re reminded of the rich symbolism of Easter and the reason that Jesus came – It was to free us from our slavery to sin and to grant us eternal life!

If you’d like to learn more about this, please join us for worship on Easter Sunday morning at 10:30am!


Hello, my name is Mark Billington, and I’m the pastor of First Baptist Church in Sister Bay, WI.

I’d like to share something with you from the Bible.  It’s found in 1 Corinthians 15:

3 I passed on to you what was most important and what had also been passed on to me. Christ died for our sins, just as the Scriptures said. 4 He was buried, and he was raised from the dead on the third day, just as the Scriptures said. 5 He was seen by Peter and then by the Twelve. 6 After that, he was seen by more than 500 of his followers at one time, most of whom are still alive, though some have died. 7 Then he was seen by James and later by all the apostles. 8 Last of all…I also saw him.

In this passage of Scripture we see 3 reasons to believe in the resurrection.  First of all, Paul says I saw the risen Lord!  Next he says that lots of other people saw him too, and you can actually go and talk to them if you don’t believe me!  Finally Paul says that we have the testimony of what we call the Old Testament, which predicted the death burial and resurrection of Jesus.

Now, you might be wondering why this is so important.  What’s the big deal about the resurrection?  Well, the resurrection proves that what Jesus says about Himself is true!  He is the Savior, and he died on the cross for our sins.  It is through Him that we can have a relationship with God.

If you want to learn more about what this means, please join us for worship on Easter Sunday morning at 10:30am!

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