I’m used to people who are members of Bellerose calling me their pastor.  It’s also normal for regular attenders to call me their pastor.  It’s not even that unusual to have someone who has attended the church once, or been to a special event where I’ve preached to call me their pastor.  Occasionally someone in the neighborhood who passes by, or drops in for food or assistance will call me their pastor.  But I had a new experience happen to me yesterday.

I was bowling with a church member and some of his friends.  We all know each other and we’ve enjoyed bowling and other activities together over the years.  One of the individuals there who has never been to my church, and who is of a different faith, called me his pastor!

This individual knows that I am a Christian minister.  We’ve talked more about moral issues than we have religious issues, but I know that he understands what I believe.  We’ve had fun together, and he seems to be comfortable with me.  Over time we’ve developed a relationship, and I hope that one day it will bear fruit.

But why did he call me his pastor?  Probably because I’m the only pastor he knows!  But I’m thankful that he feels comfortable calling me that, and hope that one day, when he has concerns or questions, trials or tribulation, that he’ll think, “I know this guy….”

Let’s all seek to build relationships with those around us, so that we’ll be there when they need someone to turn to.

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