Sunday’s sermon (9/2) is now online.  Some of you may recognize the title of this note from a section of my sermon.  I thought that I should share some additional material from “God is the Gospel” with you…

“Can we really say that our people are being prepared for heaven where Christ himself, not his gifts, will be the supreme pleasure? … My point in this book is that all the saving events and all the saving blessings of the gospel are means of getting obstacles out of the way so that we might know and enjoy God most fully.  Propitiation, redemption, forgiveness, imputation, sanctification, liberation, healing, heaven — none of these is good news except for one reason: they bring us to God for our everlasting enjoyement of him…The gospel is not a way to get people to heaven; it is a way to get people to God.  It’s a way of overcoming every obstacle to everlasting joy in God.  If we don’t want God above all things, we have not been coverted by the gospel.”

Some strong words, and I even left out some of the more biting comments.  But in all fairness, why do we want to go to heaven?  To escape hell?  To see our loved ones who have died?  Not that these are bad things, but they should not be the focus of our attention.  Our focus should be on the God who loved us enough to die on a cross so that we could know him.  Our relationship with him is paramount, and should be the focus of our lives.

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