The conference was good, but I do have some concerns.   I am a little hesitant to endorse the whole “word of knowledge” concept.  First of all, I suspect that there is a tendency to remember the things that came true, rather than those that were wrong!  A more sobering consideration comes from Acts 21:7-14.  The prophet Agagus had a correct understanding of what was going to happen to Paul when he got to Jerusalem.  However, those around Paul misunderstood what God intended, and tried to keep Paul from his “destiny.”  We have a similar situation with Peter when he doesn’t like what Jesus is saying and tries to rebuke him.  Jesus responds with, “Get behind me Satan!”

There is a very real danger associated with prophetic utterances and words of knowledge.  Even if someone is sincere, the message that they convey can very easily be misunderstood and misapplied.  That is why the Word of God is our sure foundation, and we should rely upon it rather than depending on other sinful human beings to help us map our way!

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